Sweet Water Dance & Yoga: 810 Gerard Avenue, Bronx NY 10452
$30 (No one turned away due to financial restrictions)
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The Birthing Place x Sweet Water Dance and Yoga

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Pelvic Floor & Pilates Fusion Workshop -  Join Dr. Laurence Agenor, PT, DPT, CSCS for a discussion on the role of the pelvic floor physical therapist in the peripartum journey followed by a fun Pilates Fusion class to get you feeling strong!

"For those wondering about The Birthing Place's development, in short, Womb Bus (mobile wellness hub) and Maryam Reproductive Health + Wellness (newly opening clinic) are steps that enable more progress towards the building of the future Bronx-based birth center.

Also, if anyone's interested, Pelvic Floor & Pilates Fusion Workshop, February 23 discussion with a pelvic floor physical therapist followed by a fun Pilates fusion class you can join: https://momence.com/s/99915823. IMO we need more opportunities to learn from experts with complementary knowledge base. Pelvic floor therapy is a specialty that often goes missed, in our own personal awareness and for our greatest ability to give thoughtful guidance. 

There is always so much more learning and I haven't seen much pelvic floor health offerings for birth workers in recent years, so we are excited to fill a gap! We'll be at Sweet Water Dance and Yoga 🧡💃🏾🧘🏽‍♀️💕

The purpose is to learn about our own bodies, connect with other perinatal providers (including folks giving care at Maryam 🙌🏾). We must start with ourselves to to better care for our community."

Hope to see some of y'all 💞 Myla Flores


BIPOC birth workers encouraged to join! Anyone with limited financial resources committed to increasing care to BIPOC families can get a free ticket by utilizing the code: "MARYAM" 💞