Adriana Parada
Birth Assistant
Childbirth Educator
Regions Served

# of Births Attended

1 - 10 births

# of Families Served

1 - 10 families
Languages Spoken
Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Abortion Doula
Birth Doula
Classes / Workshops / Trainings
Full Spectrum Doula
Prenatal Care

About the Provider

I'm a trauma-informed Holistic Doula + Birth Keeper supporting families virtually and in-person in the NYC area. My passion for birth work has grown out of my own curiosity of life, newborns, mothering, and the sense of mystery surrounding its connection to everything in this world. We all are born, and yet most of us in our society know so little about how we enter this world. This curiosity has been there ever since I can remember, and it’s what ultimately led me to pursue birth work I wholeheartedly trust your body and the birth process. Birth is so much more than simply a baby moving through a pelvis; it’s a mental, spiritual and physical transformation. I believe the relationship to the way we birth is an initiation into the lifelong motherhood journey. It’s a sacred experience that transforms the soul and births not only new babies, but new beings we call Mothers. If you are searching for an alternative approach to the overly managed + medicalized model of industrial birth–I’m here to offer you guidance, love, education and support. I would be humbled and honored to walk alongside you and your family during this new moment in your life.

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Last Updated 02/23/2023
Pregnancy Coaching
Physiological Birth Edu
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