Assembling Your Birth Dream Team
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Husband and pregnant wife meet with birth professional
April 08, 2024

When you find out you’re pregnant, there are so many questions that come up...

  • “What’s important to me in my birth experience?”
  • “What kind of support am I looking for?”
  • “What do I want my postpartum experience to look like?”

And sometimes, it’s hard to know the answers, what your options even are or who to ask! That’s why @oulahealth and @thebridgedirectory have teamed up to help you build your “Birth Dream Team” and have an empowered prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. From OBs, to midwives, to doulas, to specialists, we’ve got you covered.


OB/GYNs are doctors who tend to focus on managing the physical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Having had extensive training in high risk obstetrics, they are able to manage chronic medical conditions in the context of pregnancy and/or obstetrical complications that require medical intervention for safety of the birthing person and fetus.

Who they’re best for:

Low- and high-risk families who are looking for a more clinical and medical approach to care, those who have complex pregnancies, pre-existing medical conditions, or are expecting twins. 


A healthcare provider who gives care prenatally, and during birth, and postpartum. Specializes in low-risk birth. Works in hospitals, birth centers, and home birth. 

Midwives are licensed and certified medical practitioners with particular expertise in low-risk pregnancies. Midwives take a holistic approach to care placing a significant emphasis on trusting the body’s instincts in childbirth and safely minimizing medical interventions. They work to empower and educate throughout the pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

Who they’re best for: 

Low-risk families who want to give birth with little to no intervention, who desire flexibility and openness in their plan. People who seek out midwives often are searching for a holistic, low-intervention approach to birth.

Low-risk families who are looking for a holistic, low-intervention and personalized approach to care — those who are seeking a provider who will focus on the emotional and physical needs of the birthing person while still performing evidence-based clinical care. 


A non medical support person who helps a pregnant person have an empowered birth experience through informational, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual, support. 

Who they’re best for:

Someone who wants unbiased support prenatally to help mentally and physically prepare for birth for not only the birthing person, but the partner/family as well. Doulas labor at home and go to the birthing location with you to help you cope with labor and work with your provider to advocate for your desires as your progress.


A professional trained to help a new family after birth. A postpartum doula “mothers the mother(or birthing person)” postpartum. Each family’s needs are different and your doula is there to help nurture you and your family as you transition into your new roles. 

Who they’re best for:

Families who are looking for help transitioning and healing from childbirth, who want a trusted and evidence informed professional to answer their questions, who is reliable, and helps encourage healing and rest. 


A comprehensively trained health professional who helps families feed their baby. They help families with their options, support their goals, give them information, and assist with any difficulties or feeding issues that arise. 

Who they’re best for:

Families who plan to feed their babies and families who desire encouragement, reassurance and support during their feeding journey.