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Chances for Children NY: Programs for Parents + Children
Chances for Children
Chances for Children NY: Programs for Parents + Children
May 31, 2024

Chances for Children provides free services for pregnant mothers and families with children from birth to age five in the Bronx. 

We work with expectant mothers and parents and their infants and toddlers to nurture family relationships, address trauma, and build resilience. Through our extensive network of community partners, we reach families with mental health struggles large and small.

We provide parent-child therapy and group programs for families in need. Ours is a strengths-based, preventative approach. Our services are free to families and are provided in English and Spanish.

If you are concerned about a child exhibiting the following. It might be an indication that our services will be helpful

• Increased Aggression
• Unmanageable Temper Tantrums
• Difficulty Self Soothing
• Heightened Separation Anxiety
• Fears and Phobias
• Concerning Play
• Developmental Regression
• Social Withdrawal
• Reactions to Traumatic Events

If a child has experienced a traumatic event or to prevent the negative impact of trauma on the developing child, please make your referral today so that we can begin working with the parent and child.